New Bay Area Migration Report

In January, the census published new estimates on county to county migration, 2016-2020. THIS IS THE MOST CURRENT DATA AVAILABLE. From this data, I created charts on 11 Bay Area Counties and Sacramento. (Sorry, Tahoe agents, trying to work with the enormous census spreadsheets to meaningfully compile data for 6 counties in 2 states was beyond me, plus the counties extend far beyond the Tahoe market. However, Tahoe agents can use the census flow mapping tool described further below.) 
Sellers are often interested in where buyers are most likely to come from. The new charts provide some general answers, though people moving can also be tenants, college students, agricultural workers and so on.
The census has a county-to-county migration mapping tool, which one can use to identify the main areas for inbound and outbound migration:  Enter your county in the "Search for a county" field, then CHOOSE either "inbound" for where people are moving in from, or "outbound" for where county residents are relocating to. Zooming in will give more clarity to local moves, which typically dominate migration numbers. Zooming out looks at the entire country. 
Last but not least, this census data is estimated, with published margins of error that were often quite large, though it seemed to me that the general trends revealed are genuine. Census data is always a couple years out of date, but the general trends as to where people typically mostly come from and go seemed reasonable. If you feel otherwise, you should ignore the new report. 


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