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Unlike years ago, renting today requires a renter to consider many factors in order to land the best deal. Rental factors vary from house types: townhouses, apartments, condos etc location, proximity to good schools, prices, the balance between budget and amenities etc.
The Jessie Lee Real Estate team offers expert help in navigating the world of rentals. With the same expertise we use in guiding home buyers, we will help you search and prepare for your next rental. Below are a few tips that will be very helpful in your renting experience.


1.Decide What You Need

Like buying a car, establish what you need in a rental house; the size, cost, amenities, parking, neighborhood, building type etc Do you value being closer to the main road, town, restaurants, and shops or do you want a quiet locale, family friendly area?

2. Establish a Practical Budget

Decide what you can comfortably afford for rent without stifling funds for other things in your life. Many people get in bad financial situations because they simply don’t do the math. In establishing your rental budget consider all your bills including any loans, car payments, insurance, cell phone bills, Wi-Fi, groceries, memberships etc.


3. Prepare Your Paperwork

Almost all leasing agents require a standard set of documents, it is important to have these documents ready, these include driver’s license or a government-issued ID, SSN, monthly income pay stubs, employment verification, rental history etc And often the application fee as well. Having these ready ahead of time puts you ahead of the game.

4. Rental Insurance

Renter’s insurance usually covers against loss or damage of personal belongings for those in rental properties. It often also provides liability protection for you in the event someone is injured in the property. While the landlord’s insurance covers the building itself, renters insurance covers the contents of your apartment.

5. Countercheck The Offer

It is wise to ask to see the actual space you will be renting before moving in. Also if you can, walk or drive around and observe the neighborhood and talk to the other tenants. Find out how the tenants feel about the location and the management and try to scope out any dangers.

And There's More

The rental or lease agreement is the official deal between you (the tenant) and the landlord; you should be fully aware of the terms and discuss any details just as you would if it was a car purchase. Take your time to read the agreement and make sure you are comfortable with all the terms, rules and regulations in the document before signing it.

There are many resources that can make finding a rental property easy. Examples of resources include: craigslist, local print & online directories and looking out for traditional rental signs. But especially for people who are not very familiar with the area, using a real estate agent helps a whole lot, their vast knowledge of the area will help cut your search time into a fraction.

Many rental properties have various restrictions about pets. If you have pets start your search with pet-friendly rentals. Some properties might only allow certain pets or smaller pets but often this can be negotiated. It might help to have a letter of recommendation from a vet, trainer or pet sitter attesting that you have good control over your animals.

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